"Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I'm not living."

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An illustration for the upcoming Mid Michigan Zine Fair (October 11 in Lansing)


i woke up, hearing the screaming and slapping sounds,
vomit everywhere, the shapes of the pills remained.

the disappointment was overwhelming;
i had failed,

another thing to add to my list.

i stumbled around, falling over each time,
my body was drunk, but my mind was
fully aware.

with my blurrly vision, i exaimned the
room the best i could,

vomit surrounded all open spaces.

i went back to sleep, hoping i wouldn’t
fail the second time.

the sound of screaming and hitting
woke me up.

i was too tired to care about them
and their insanity; trying to focus on my
own fried mind and scrambled brain cells
was complicated enough.

at the hospital, i had to explain to the staff
that i didn’t plan on waking up -

this wasn’t a cry for attention.

the sadness that came with my failures
still haunt me, and the doctors and
nurses don’t believe me when i say,

"i don’t want to die anymore."


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0043 (by Tarla Walton)

A picture of the moon taken, like, right now.  Cool li’l bugger, eh?
Guess what!? There are six US flags on the moon!  You might think that one would sufficed, but honestly… if I ever had the chance to visit the moon, I’d tooootally be packin’ a bunch of flags.

"Meowfia cat"

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